Duke Faculty Union President: Chris Shreve


DFU President Chris Shreve has been at Duke for 20 years, first as an undergraduate, then as a master’s student, and now as a faculty member. Elected with the support of our members, he also serves as the volunteer leader of our faculty union. Chris has taught labs for multiple courses in the Biology Department over the years, primarily in the Molecular Biology gateway course since 2010. Chris has been involved in organizing our union, bargaining our first contract, and ensuring faithful implementation of our contract. In addition to his role as President, he serves on the Labor-Management Committee, which meets once a semester to address issues of major importance to our entire union. If you have questions about our union or would like to share your thoughts directly, email him at christopher.shreve@gmail.com.

Leadership Directory


President – Chris Shreve, Biology

Vice President – MJ Sharp, Center for Documentary Studies

Secretary – Jim Haverkamp, Cinematic Arts

Treasurer – Eileen Anderson, Romance Studies

Sergeant-at-Arms – Leslie Maxwell, Thompson Writing Program

At-large Board Members

Rene Caputo, Thompson Writing Program

Nancy Kalow, Center for Documentary Studies

Harry Karahalios, Romance Studies

Steve Kaufmann, Health, Wellness and Physical Education (HWPE)

Cathy Shuman, English

Cluster Representatives

African and African American Studies; Center for Documentary Studies; Evolutionary Anthropology; Psychology and Neuroscience; Program in Education:
MJ Sharp, Center for Documentary Studies

Art, Art History, and Visual Studies; Theater Studies:
Jim Haverkamp, Cinematic Arts

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies; Graduate School, Statistical Sciences:
Nancy Kalow, Center for Documentary Studies

Biology; Chemistry; Computer Science; Information Science & Information Studies; Mathematics; Physics:
Chris Shreve, Biology

Classical Studies; Cultural Anthropology; Economics; English; History; International Comparative Studies; Markets and Management; Political Science; Religious Studies; Service Learning; Sociology:

Germanic Languages and Literature; Linguistics; Romance Studies:
Eileen Anderson, Romance Studies

Dance; Health, Wellness and Physical Education (HWPE):
Steve Kaufmann, HWPE

Sandra Cotton, Music

Thompson Writing Program:
Paolo Bocci and Miranda Welsh, Thompson Writing Program