While this is a challenging time for all of us, we are proud to be part of a faculty body that remains dedicated to our students’ education and concerned about the well-being of our colleagues and community. If you are looking for ideas about online teaching, we recommend Duke’s Keep Teaching site. See below for ways to support each other and our broader community. Our colleagues at the Duke Graduate Union also have some helpful information.

Solidarity with the Duke Community

Solidarity with the Durham Community

Solidarity Beyond Durham

As SEIU President Mary Kay Henry observes, “the COVID-19 outbreak has shown the importance of working people having the collective power that comes when we join together in a union to hold employers accountable and fight for our families, the people we care for and provide services for, and our communities.

Unfortunately, many workers and families affected by this outbreak do not have paid sick days, access to affordable healthcare, or any kind of protection against layoffs or cutbacks. At a time like this, that makes everyone less safe.”

Some ideas for solidarity beyond Durham:

Check back here for more information about how to stand in solidarity with workers—nationally and internationally—seeking leave and other benefits that are essential to both worker justice and public health.

The best way to show solidarity with other workers, however, is to join DFU as a dues-paying member or increase your contribution to our Workers United for Political Power fund.